Póca Productions will empower your staff and students to embrace smartphone media production as an essential UDL tool.

UDL or Universal Design for Learning is regarded as a guiding principle in the Irish education system. To promote inclusivity educators must provide learning materials and resources in a variety of formats to facilitate learners with varying phyiscal and intellectual needs and learning styles.

According to UDL learners can also present their work in a variety of formats other than the conventional written word on a page. Learners can present audio or video journals to document their learning experience. They can record a video for a wide range of projects to illustrate the outcomes of their learning.

Technology Enhanced Learning is a growing feature throughout all levels of the education system and audio and video production skills are becoming more and more regarded as essential skills.

This video was filmed and edited on a smartphone by a teacher from Mayo Sligo Leitrim Education & Training Board while attending Smartphone Video Training with Póca Productions. It highlights how video content is an excellent teaching tool to support student learning, particularly in skills-based courses. This video was produdced to instruct art students in the process of lino cut printing.