Who is this training for?

Teaching staff from primary to third level will benefit from learning how to record and edit video and audio resources in a seamless workflow on a single mobile device. Technology Enhanced Learning is a growing feature throughout all levels of the education system so audio and video production skills are increasingly regarded as essential skills. Póca Productions will empower your staff and students to embrace the technology in a smartphone to enhance the learning experience.

We also offer Smartphone Media Production Training for communications personnel in the education sector. 

Embrace Technology Enhanced Learning and UDL

How Smartphone Training can contribute to UDL

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is regarded as a guiding principle in the Irish education system. To promote inclusivity educators are encouraged to provide learning materials and resources in a variety of formats to facilitate learners with varying physical and intellectual needs and learning styles. 

Multiple Means of Representation

The first principle of UDL is that information and content should be presented in multiple formats. Póca Productions provides teaching staff with the skills to produce engaging video and audio resources to support learning both in, and outside in the classroom. Short instructional videos or audio tutorials make learning more accessible and are an excellent way for students to consolidate their learning in their own time. Video resources are particularly useful for practical skills subjects, such as the arts and the sciences. Smartphones or tablets which are already widely used in classrooms are a streamlined and accessible means to record and edit video and audio learning resources to share with your students.

Multiple Means of Action and Expression

The second principle of UDL is that students should be given the opportunity to demonstrate the outcomes of their learning by a variety of means. Students can now produce videos and podcasts to illustrate that they have achieved their learning goals. In addition, learning journals are a common feature of the contemporary learning environment. Many students may prefer document and present their learning experience in video or audio journal format providing a more engaging and dynamic assignment.

Multiple Means of Engagement

The third principle of UDL aims to promote stimulation and motivation in the learner. Instigating and maintaining interest in a topic is so much easier when you have a variety of tools to hand. Having the skills to record and edit video and audio content from a singular mobile device will benefit your students in a variety of ways: from the engaging AV resources you create; to the assignments your students submit in AV format; to the wealth of creative film and podcast projects you can create together. Póca Productions can train your students, or we can train you to train your students.

We have a range of course options that we provide for the education sector and we would be happy to arrange a call to discuss your particular requirements to ensure we recommend the course that best suits your particular needs.

Our Courses for the Education Sector

Smartphone Video Training for Teachers

You will learn how to use the technology, software and equipment available on a smartphone to produce two 30sec videos during this course. The skills you acquire, and practise will equip you to film and edit an instructional video with voiceover and a piece-to-camera tutorial style video.

Smartphone Podcasting for Teachers

You will use the technology, software and equipment available on a smartphone to produce a 1-minute podcast. You will acquire and practise the skills necessary to record and edit a high-quality audio file. Podcasts or audio files are an excellent way to create reusable tutorials or to deliver individual feedback to students .

Smartphone Media Training for Communications Teams

During this course communications staff will learn how to produce video and audio content to promote your school or college via social media. Using the technology, software and equipment available on a smartphone you will learn how to produce engaging content to promote your organisations’ achievements and course offerings.

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Why choose Póca Productions

Póca Productions are a two-person team. Camilla has over 25 years’ experience in education at second level and in adult education with Donegal ETB. Kieran is a professionally trained sound engineer and video producer. Together they run DNK Media Productions, a successful video production business in Donegal as well as well as delivering training throughout Ireland with Póca Productions. We have been developing and adapting our courses over 6 years using established pedagogical principles. Our training is very much hands-on, and skills based. We keep our groups small to maintain our learner-centred focus. Through DNK Media Productions we have been producing video content for Donegal ETB over many years as part of their communications strategy.

Who we work with

To date we have worked with teaching staff from many ETBs throughout the country and students from the Atlantic Technological University. We also work with many local authorities and government departments.

The video below was filmed and edited on a smartphone by a teacher from Mayo Sligo Leitrim Education & Training Board while attending Smartphone Video Training with Póca Productions. It highlights how video content is an excellent teaching tool to support student learning, particularly in skills-based courses. This video was produced as a supporting resource to instruct art students in the process of lino cut printing.