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Interactive Workshops 2 x 2 hour

By the end of this 4 hour course you will have produced one 30 sec process video of your own. The skills you will acquire can be applied to a range of video projects.

This course is of particular interest to SMEs in the Designer Maker sector who wish to learn how to make effective video to promote their business.

Live on Zoom

Filming Workshop
Tues 22nd June                            18.00- 20.00 GMT
Editing Workshops   
Thurs 24th June                            18.00 -20.00 GMT
Course Details

Smartphone Video Training 4 Hour Course

The main focus of this course is to develop your pre-production, filming and editing skills without having to worry about performing to camera. This is an excellent solution for the camera shy as the aim of the video is to illustrate an aspect of your business without having to speak on camera - see the samples below. 

The course is designed around producing a 30 sec process video. This is a very useful skill for SMEs and marketing personnel from any sector.  You gain the skills and freedom to produce video content efficiently and cost effectively in a seamless workflow using the technology and software available on a smartphone.

We limit the group to Max 8 trainees – to ensure optimum individual attention.

What you learn

Filming Workshop – 2 hours

  • Optimising the camera settings on your smartphone
  • Intro to smartphone equipment for stabilising your smartphone
  • Basic principles of video composition and setting your scene
  • Pre-production planning/storyboarding
  • Industry standard filming techniques applied to a smartphone camera

Editing Workshops – 2 hours

  • Cutting clips together to create an engaging story
  • Branding and customising text to increase brand awareness
  • Music overlay
  • Adding voiceover (optional)

What do I need to have with me to participate in the course?

We recommend that you do not invest in any new equipment prior to attending the course as we cover equipment during the training and we make recommendations based on your specific requirements.

The cameras on most smartphones are perfectly fine for shooting video.  However, to achieve the best functionality from the editing software it is best that your phone is not more than 5 years old.  iPhones need to have iOS 12.4 or later. If you are not sure how to check this out feel free to get in touch prior to booking and we can have a look for you.

We provide notes but it is always a good idea to have pen and paper handy to take your own notes.

Participants complete a 30 sec video assignment while on the course and the skills acquired can be applied to a broad range of situations to allow businesses engage more effectively with their customers online.


Course Assignment      Short Storyboarded Process Video

Trainee Sample Video  - Melissa From Honey Stitches

Trainee Sample - Claire's Artisan at Work

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