Smartphone Video Training for Educators - Assignment 2

Produce Video Content to Contect with Potential Students

This video was produced by Sinead Wall as an assignment while attending our Smartphone Video Training as part of her continuous professional development at Mayo Sligo Leitrim Education & Training Board (MSLETB). The video was filmed and edited on a smartphone using the Kinemaster editing app.

This video was one of two assignments Sinead completed while on the course with Póca Productions. The aim of Assignment 2 is to produce an interview style video with cutaway shots. This style of production is typically found in news reports and documantaries but can also be used to produce testimonials and promotional video content. For our 8 hour course trainees interview someone on a topic of their choice and then record footage to represent the content on the interview.

Sinead opted to interview her colleague Claire on the subject of The Level 6 Art Course at Mayo College. As you can see Sinead filmed some beautifully framed shots of student artwork as cutaways for the interview with Claire. This is an excellent example of what can be achievd on a smartphone with a little planning and instruction.

A video like this is an engaging way to promote a course in an ETB in less than a minute. It gives potential students a real insight into the content of the course while introducing the tutor at the same time. How better to inspire and motivate a potential student to consider applying for a course.